Monday, August 5, 2013

Journey Stop #11: Montana

First two page spread... The park let itself to two page spreads, I took advantage of the situation, using my 'artists license' often. 

Detail of two pager 

First morning in Yellowstone Park... I like to arrive several days before the class, searching for good sites, shade,  etc. 

I met this lady, working in oils that first day out. She and her friend were doing a great job as the second lady's husband did a yeoman's job of moving equipment .  The sketch is typical of how I start a journal sketch -big shapes and little detail. 

Remember, I always paint the focal point first...actually here, I painted the dark pines around the lighter rocky cliff. Notice how the white highlights on the rocks look brighter than the plain white paper...that happens due to the dark values around those white highlights. 

Another two pager...First day of my class found us just ten miles from the west gate, as I didn't want to spend lots of time driving. 

Detail of two pager ... do not go crazy with detail; simplify as much as. possible.

Detail of second two pager. Again, the contrast between the dead downed tree and the dark pines create the needed contrast for the focal point.

A simple pattern of trees and  rocks.

Of all the water falls in the Yellowstone, I prefer Gibbon, as it is very visable from the road and is very active. I chided the NPS for not having any restrooms at such a very busy site!

Another double pager. Now we are in the Tetons; a perfect time for a two pager. This view had a niumber of big pines along the shoreline which I removed. Mostly.

Detail of first Teton sketch.

Detail of other half of Teton spread.

At this location. the pines almost blocked out the background  mountains which I wanted to support the feeling of the region. Thus the simpllication of the   trees and distant mountains.

Fly fishermen are plentiful which add action and scale to the sketch.

Journal Stop #10: Washington

Getz Journal No. 10.  This journal begins  with my sessions in the state of Washington. The first image is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chinopk, Wash. The countrified image struck me of its simplicity.

Low tide at COUPEVILLE Wharf

Elbey Beach is a long stretch of shore which accumalates much driftwood which can be fun to draw; reminds me of 'pickup stix'...

One of the town's b&b's... this seemed logical for a two page spread, showing the bay in the background.

Detail of the Inn

Inn detail... this was more than a 'half hour sketch'...

Another two pager, The Captain Whidbey Inn, built in 1907 is a wonderful facility. I may just return there to do a workshop at the inn. 

On to my session in Spokane... The town has a great number of unique bridges in the center of town.

Student's work... I don't single out individual students for attention, but I had to call attention to this lady.


Sketch T Ebey Beach... This was simply outstanding! Next, I will be at Virginia City, Montana then Yellowstone Natl Park... Lots of good stuff!

The old power plant has been saved and has many visitors...

Church in Chinook

Penn Cove Overlook,  COUPEVILLE, Wash.  I seek a vantage point where we can get a good view of a portion of the village as the subject, where we might have some shade. The view was from a parking lot. No shade, but the town harbor was in the background.

Admiralty Head Lighthouse, Whidbey Island... One of the prominent landmarks.

The county courthouse is a beautiful architectural example. 

 Monroe Street Bridge... It was easy to get good angles on the bridges and have adequate shade.