Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Mexico and Arizona Sessions

Getz in Jerome, AZ... The last day in Sedona, I ventured up the road and up a rather steep mountain to the old mountain town of Jerome , AZ, to the Gold King Mine, where an old mountain goat  has gathered  a collection of 100 plus old trucks., cars and numerous ancient power plants, etc... an auto artist's delight!my sketch tells all... the finished study next week, where I will be at Grand Canyon. 
Getz in Sedona...the two page ink sketch took some 25 minutes with 20 minutes for the color washes, what with the air very dry.

Getz in Sedona... Left page of two pager.
old stomping grounds!

Getz... This two pager shows  a view from the front door of my cabin. The light was ideal, bringing out the colors without using much of my 'artist's license'.

Since the Tubac session did not take , place, this presented an opportunity to painting time at Sedona for a short weekend of sketching and painting and then on to Ghost Ranch, one of those places that I have never been able to get to.

Getz in Sedona... This two pager is an example of the delight in creating these mountainscapes.  Let the color go to work.

Getz in Sedona, may 10-13.  First time to Sedona , which usually means  taking a buggy ride to familiarize  myself with the area... no buggy here, but a H3 Hummer would do ... so off into the high reaches of the red rocks surrounding Sedona; VERY rough, to say the least, but certainly got me in the mood!

Getz...  Frequently, I look for an unusual subject, for a  change of pace.  This desert plant seemed just the ticket. 
Getz...   This mountain  changes color dramatically  throughout the day.

This is an illustration for my ad in the upcoming July issue of Southwest. Art Magazine. The old saddle was displayed at one of my stops in Santa Fe and really appealed to me for the color and texture of the aged leather.

Getz...  Fortunately, my thumb didn't get in the way, in getting the study completed.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Santa Fe, NM

I had the letterinng on the van redone to make it. Easier to read.

I really enjoy the opportunity to do these two pagers and the Southwest landscape really  lends itself to this . Next week, I will be showing a week of journal studies from Ghost Ranch - don't miss it ! !

Three of the ladies in the group could not wait to paint this old Dodge pickup which was painted a flat black, no less!

The old train depot lent itself to creating great textures of the old plaster buildings

Our first sketching stop was the famous plaza... perfect weather; low seventies but a bit windy.

Relatively new church but it looks several centuries old

Canyon Road is known for having over one hundred art galleries of various types.

Back on the Plaza... Great for sketching people !

New Mexico Museum of Art... a typical fine gift shop!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lubbock Visit

Don's Thursday evening demo, organized by daughter, Krista, went to the lucky ticket holder; $5 well spent! 
Tom& Bingo's Pit BBQ became our favorite luncheon spot... An award-winning diner since 1957!

The Garden Center plant sale presented a number of unique subjects to sketch.

The Garden presented a number of unique subjects.

Lois Lawrence, class participant, was the subject for a quick sketch by Getz.

This chapel was moved to the Garden Center, thus saved from 'progress'.

Weather was great, class was inspiring... Small class developed good ink drawings with NO pencil work...the way to really progress your sketching. Do contour drawing with ink; the results speak for themselves...