Friday, November 23, 2012

Back on the Road!

Nov 23: The van is finally fixed and I'm back on the road! Leaving Connecticut on my way to Morehead City, NC for a session on Wednesday. Excited to be back on schedule!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bring on the Cold

Week of Nov 24th:  Hope to have van back on road on Monday, for a quick trip to Morehead City, NC.  Weather here this week, was sunny, but cool. An email asked how I plan to handle cool weather, as I travel down the Atlantic coast: put another layer on... I have a pair of gloves, with the fingers cut out, but never have used 'em....'plein air' is what it's all about!!

Going Nowhere Fast...

Week of Nov 17th:  Seems that the auto repair shop has possibly found the necessary part to get my van back on the road, so I ended my search for a new vehicle... spent most of the week checking out sites and adding sketches to my 'Cape Cod Journal' - now about half done.

Have Time Will Journal

Week of Nov 10th: Decided that I might as well make good use of this delay in Cape Cod, so I started work on a 'CAPE COD JOURNAL', which has gone quite well this week... cancelled session in Salisbury, MD... next session is Nov. 28-30 in Morehead City NC... contact there is Lynne at 252-723-9516.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trying to Make the Best of the Delays

Week of Nov. 5th:  Sunny & warm (65), drive to Provincetown, Mass, many good photo ops, but no where to park!... back to Barnstable.  Week tied up with trying to get van parts located... no luck - look at new vehicles. Sketch evenings at motel ... now two weeks delayed - had to cancel St. Michael's, MD session and delay Salisbury, MD session to next week.... Effects of nor'easter storm here... high winds and much rain...

Sandy's a Comin'

Week of Oct. 29th:  Hurricane 'Sandy' closing in on New Yor City... I am still waiting for van to be repaired!... so, am heading away from coast, driving north to Plymouth, Mass... winds & rain very heavy, but storm circling to the west/northwest around me, however, I did get two journal sketches done, during the storm - great surf & high seas!... head back to Barnstable, to stay in contact with van repair shop. Visit Dennis, Mass, more sketches, OSU Buckeyes win 10th consecutive game!!

Rhode Island Stop

Week of Oct.22nd:   Got on the road to Newport, RI, for two day session; great locations selected, one a 100 year old horsefarm, still being used by trainers and horse stables.  Also sketched at  Sweetberry Farm, where we all had lunch. I sketched on my own, at Newport Harbor and at the site of a 200 year old windmill... lots of interesting stuff!...and the weather was also great! Drove back to West Falmouth, Mass;  sketch local harbor and other sites, including 'Betsy's Diner'.

From Maine to Mass.

Week of Oct. 15th:  After a stop in Wiscasset, Maine, to sketch RED'S EATS, on south to Gloucester, Mass, where I haven't been for years!... stayed in Rocky Neck - again the crappy rainy weather caught up with me, but so it goes... arriving in Barnstable, Mass on Monday evening. Sketched at Chatham & Orleans, Mass on Tuesday,Wednesday, before ending the week with a 'minor' collision with an unmarked concrete median strip and van being towed...

Pemaquid Memories

Week of Oct. 8th:  Residing at The Hotel Pemaquid, which Judie & I managed, back in 1989 & '90, brought back many pleasant memories. Now under new ownership of Judy & Charles Duggan, who obviously enjoy their duties, the three days went very fast with good weather for a change! ...enjoyed Saturday evening dinner at another favorite, KING EIDER'S PUB in Damarisotta, then on Route 1 south on Sunday...

Maine Arrival

Week of October 1st:  A two day visit to sketch on my own, then on to Tenant's Harbor, for my three day session there, including visits to Port Clyde and the Marshall Point Light House. While there, I was the spoiled houseguest of Jock & Day Cowperthwaite at their fabulous coastal home... then on to one of my favorite Maine hangouts, Pemaquid Point.

On To The Journey!

Week of Sept. 24th, 2012:  Departed Ohio, on my tour; first stop was a brief visit to the new art center in Old Forge, NY... a beautiful facility, master-minded by our dear friend, Mirnie Kashiwa, founder of THE ADIRONDACK NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF AMERICAN WATERCOLORS... even met a number of artist friends, also there to see the watercolor exhibition - a real beauty!  Then, on to Big Moose Lake, to the historic Big Moose Inn, where I conducted a one day session on the inn's porch, through fog and light rain... a very busy, enjoyable first day on the tour. From there, I traveled to Lake Placid, where I spent the weekend, as the houseguest of Gary & Diana Pesuit.... now on to Maine!