Saturday, February 9, 2013

Making My Way Through Florida

Sunday, Jan. 13:  
    I travel to Sebring, Florida, where I worked on a Ferrari pit crew in March of 1960 - our car finished the 12 Hour Endurance in 6th place - the first private entry!...driven by DR. E.D. Martin of Atlanta, GA & Lance Reventlow of California - many pleasant memories - then on to Parkland, FL, to again visit friends for the week. I travel on Saturday, Jan. 20th, to Key West, FL for the Jan. 22-24 session.  The numbers of students is improving rapidly, as I expected, after the 'holiday season'.  I someow managed to depart Ohio in September. without my extra tubes of AMERICAN JOURNEY watercolors. Mona Lisa at Cheap Joes took care of that pronto!  They are also working on a new journal for. me, to introduce on my trip across America.  It will be similar to the Kilamenjyro journal, 140# cold press paper with a sheet of drawing paper in between each wc page, and a new 300# wc paper cover, for artists to decorate.... soon to arrive, I hope!!  

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