Saturday, May 11, 2013

Santa Fe, NM

I had the letterinng on the van redone to make it. Easier to read.

I really enjoy the opportunity to do these two pagers and the Southwest landscape really  lends itself to this . Next week, I will be showing a week of journal studies from Ghost Ranch - don't miss it ! !

Three of the ladies in the group could not wait to paint this old Dodge pickup which was painted a flat black, no less!

The old train depot lent itself to creating great textures of the old plaster buildings

Our first sketching stop was the famous plaza... perfect weather; low seventies but a bit windy.

Relatively new church but it looks several centuries old

Canyon Road is known for having over one hundred art galleries of various types.

Back on the Plaza... Great for sketching people !

New Mexico Museum of Art... a typical fine gift shop!


  1. Between Kanuga and Lubbock there was the Dallas workshop..where are the photos? Come on Don, I was there. Were we that big a pain?

  2. I absolutely ADORE the Depot Painting! I love all of your work , but for some reason that is the one I can't stop staring at