Saturday, July 6, 2013

Northern Cali and Up Into Oregon

       Getz, week of June 5...  I will attempt to get caught up for my sessions in June, as the tour has gone well, although 
       very busy! This two page spread is typical of the California coast north from San Luis Obispo toward the Big Sur area.

The whole idea of fast sketching is doing it as quick as possible  and doing as many sketches as possible, in that 
short time. Obviously, a good many of my sketches are not always 'quickies', but I try to keep them as simple As possible.

 I really enjoy sketching other artists, when the opportunity arises , which is not as frequent as I like, but it's great 
 practice. Remember when sketching figures,  sketch SHAPES, not 'things' (people, trees,etc). They are all just shapes!!

I also enjoy sketching vehicles- classic cars, sports cars, farm tractors and trucks, along with landscapes & seascapes.  Again, they are all just 'shapes'!

One of my favorite spots is this locations near Half Moon Bay. The action of the ocean is what makes this sketch work. Study the motion of the. ocean  for creating  realistic. wave action. I have a Sony 'black box' which is positioned between a VCR and tv monitor. This unit allows you to play video. and 'freeze' the image, thus allowing me to study wave action. This is extremely helpful in understanding how the wave action happens.

Nothing but a small country crossroad. but a great subject for a sketch.

Same country intersection-old stage stop.

Note the sky/cloud patterns... all to draw attention n to the lighthouse.

Mendocino, probably my favorite spot on th Pacific coast... the town where 'Murder She Wrote' series was filmed.

First stop in Oregon... Perfect, along with a bit of fog-and figures on the beach which is important to add scale to the surroundings.

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