Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Home Again...Journey's End

It's been awhile, since I sketched those fabulous rock formations of the Southwest, so I again pulled out my 'artist's license' and a reference photo for this reminder... I surely do like rock structures... in fact, cannot remember one I didn't like!  One more final entry will be coming in another week - it HAS been a great journey - far beyond any of my thoughts. 
Arriving, back in Ohio, I made sure by stopping at Swenson's Drive In, for a Galleyboy sandwich... Yes! I was home a week before my year on the road was up; over 13,000 miles... My only regret; the trip ended one year
too soon !  I had a fantastic time, to say the least!  

 I am in the process of writing a book on my 'Odyssey' and am planning on a few sessions on using the 'plexi aid' which really speeds up your sketching of buildings and other shapes... There I said it again - draw shapes, not things! 
  Good luck with your sketching and do it EVERY day!!

Don Getz , AWS
I wish to thank my son, Jeff, for the idea and tech assistance in creating my blog and Cheap Joe's Art Stuff for sponsoring my trip and MonaLisa for getting the 'care' packages out to all the workshop locations and keeping the Cheap Joes blog up to date.  Good work, guys!!


  1. I have only recently found your blog and I love your sketches!

  2. I wonder if you still check your blog for updates? I have a question about your supplies, and if your Southwest Journal is available still for $60? I'm a novice watercolor artist, in the middle of my first class (at 47 years old), and want to know what you use to sketch..