Saturday, November 10, 2012

On To The Journey!

Week of Sept. 24th, 2012:  Departed Ohio, on my tour; first stop was a brief visit to the new art center in Old Forge, NY... a beautiful facility, master-minded by our dear friend, Mirnie Kashiwa, founder of THE ADIRONDACK NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF AMERICAN WATERCOLORS... even met a number of artist friends, also there to see the watercolor exhibition - a real beauty!  Then, on to Big Moose Lake, to the historic Big Moose Inn, where I conducted a one day session on the inn's porch, through fog and light rain... a very busy, enjoyable first day on the tour. From there, I traveled to Lake Placid, where I spent the weekend, as the houseguest of Gary & Diana Pesuit.... now on to Maine!

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  1. wonderful sketches Don. I am very inspired to get out and plain aire paint. Thanks