Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have Time Will Journal

Week of Nov 10th: Decided that I might as well make good use of this delay in Cape Cod, so I started work on a 'CAPE COD JOURNAL', which has gone quite well this week... cancelled session in Salisbury, MD... next session is Nov. 28-30 in Morehead City NC... contact there is Lynne at 252-723-9516.

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  1. hi - very nice work. I have come onto here primarily as think I have just bought a piece of your work in a second hand shop in Penzance, Cornwall, UK! I live in the village of St. Erth and was pleasantly surprised to see what I think is a painting by yourself of the village done in 1981. The man in the shop quickly looked you up on the internet and said he think you sometimes toured other countries but that you came from Ohio. He did say he thought you died this year!! but I think he got you confused with another Donald Getz as now I have had a look myself, I am guessing you are very much alive...! Love to know more about your Cornish/British visit, impressions etc. and whether you remember painting the village - from one side of the bridge of the pine trees (now all lopped after one fell in about 1990 but replanted and regrowing gradually)chapel and up Chapel Hill, but leaving out the church. There are no doubt some village 'characters' both on the bridge and up the hill - most probably many now passed on. Hope you get this and look forward to hearing. Janet (also an artist)