Sunday, March 31, 2013

More Journal FYI and Journal Sale Info

Week of March 17-23...  I tell my students to take on simple subjects  and then I seem to get involved with complex  sketches , several of which are evident  this week.   What do they say, 'do as I say, not as I do!!  I thought it good to show several that are not completely drawn in ink, as I recommend sketching the basic shapes , then adding the watercolor washes and then join in with  any line detail you feel is needed . This is much better, in my opinion, then too much detail to start with. I also remind artists that it is best to keep washes light and simple;  too many heavy washes will make the sketch have the look of a painting and we do not wish to give that impression - better it have the look of being 'dashed off'! 

The three journal copies are available for purchase, limited to 200 limited edition. copies, signed & numbered, and printed on 90# WC paper. The price is $50 each or all three for $125 shipped. The journals average 25 pages with about fifty sketches in each.Next week, I will be in Lafayette, Louisiana.  The sessions have been very successful and I will have some drawing tips next week.

Getz limited edition journal. Signed & numbered and for sale

Getz ink sketch ready for watercolor washes

Getz ink sketch ready for watercolor washes

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